Ella’s Baby Clothes: Repurposed Memories

Okay. This was my second quilt… And yes, wine was involved!

The first cut was the hardest! I treasured Ella’s baby clothes as if I were clinging to precious gemstones or as if it was the coveted outfit we brought her home in from the hospital. And then I took a sip of wine, a deep breath, and … yes… I cut.

I used my embellished rotary cutter and my 4 1/2 inch Olfa square and fussy cut the sweet pieces of fabric. I also kept the pockets, ribbons and even Lola! Cutting Lola, Ella’s fav stuffy, added such a great dimension… And she loves it to this day!

I finished this treasure with a sweet and soft yellow blanket binding-so fun! I believe in using, not just displaying quilts, and this one gets loved a lot! I have even taken a rare nap or two under it, cuddling with Lola.

Oh, that reminds me, I soooooo need a nap!!!

Cheers, Linda

One thought on “Ella’s Baby Clothes: Repurposed Memories

  1. What a great idea for using all the baby clothes we pack away when they grow. Love that you even used Lola. I’m guessing that ‘stuffy’ is a stuffed animal? Cute!

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