We are looking for a couple of good wo(men)…for a quilt exchange club!


We are looking for 8 righteous quilters to join me and Kelly to exchange Christmas charm fabric squares for the inaugural QUTI Club offering!


1. Send 9 packets of 5, 5 inch charm squares of modern Christmas fabric by October 31st.

2.  Make something!  Share your progress on your blogs, websites and via email to keep each other inspired!

3. Enjoy the process with your favorite “influence” – cocktails, chocolate and/or children!

4. Post your Christmas creation with your charm pack (and your stories!) for your QUTI club members to see by December 16th!  The QUTI girls will also post it on QUTI.org.

All projects that are completed and posted by December 16th get a cool QUTI gift!

Wanna join us?  Email us your name, blog address, and physical address to  QUTICLUB@gmail.com  We will get back to you soon to confirm your participation!

Cheers, Linda & Kelly

FINE PRINT:  Due dates are delivered, not sent; international participants-please allow for extra delivery time.  All-send envelopes via standard first class mail, not ground/economy to Hawaii.  :-)

More details coming soon!  Aloha!

Got Blogs and Buttons? Link Us and Get a Free Gift!

Back by popular demand!  Add our button to your blog or website and we will send you a fabulous and exclusive gift to add to your sewing, crafting and quilting collection!   Just comment to this post with a link to your live site with our button, we will contact you for your snail mail address and wait for the happiness to arrive!

Cheers! Linda at Quti.org

For the Sewist!

For the Quilter!

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These are a few of my favorite things…

My love for tools continues-Gingher!

Topping my list is Gingher!  I love these scissors… I think one of my lovely offspring used it without permission (they know better!) and my large pair needed an adjustment.  I sent them in to Gingher for a checkup and they came back fast and as good as new!  Love their lifetime guarantee and customer service!


Revive from Melaleuca - a heavenly scent!!!

I absolutely can’t quilt without my Melaleuca Revive Spray… LOVE IT!  and they better not change the scent because it is now ingrained in my olfactory senses as a relaxation and peace trigger!  Get this one immediately-if you don’t have a Melaleuca representative let me know and I will place an order for you. :-)

This makes pressing and ironing a pleasure… promise!

What are your favorite tools and tips?  QUTI wants to know!!!

Cheers!  Linda at QUTI.org

Skinny Girl! Who knew? Apparently everyone else!!! Where have I been?

Woohoo!  Where have I been?  I just learned of this great, “lower” calorie martini!  This is a perfect Saturday post!  Walk, wait, no, run out and go get this ladies!  I am loving that it is so fun and I truly believe if I keep drinking it, I will look like the girl on the bottle… a quirky sewist can always dream!









Cheers ladies-it’s 5:00 somewhere!!!  Linda at www.quti.org

Dear Wicked Step Mother…

Dear Wicked Step Mother…

During a recent visit to Dallas we visited a quilt/fabric shop (shocker!) and it was Ann’s (aka affectionately Wicked Step Mother (WSM) of 40 years-but whose counting?) first visit to such a store.  In true form, she is always ready for one of my shopping jaunts!  Woohoo!   My fellow lover of “all things shopping,” we ventured into the “sticks” (the burbs) to find the store…

We found it just 45 minutes away to our estimated 5 minutes away!  Typical Texas Travels!  All excited, we picked out a book to purchase-Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle and Bill Keer (love, love, LOVE this book, by the way-buy it!).  My WSM then picked out her quilt and experienced her first “there are way too many choices” fabric dilemma- an hour later and a half later (but who is counting?) we purchased our treasures and went on our way…

I think I received daily calls, nudges, emails, Facebook posts and more “hinting” not so subtly when the quilt might be finished… I tortured her a little and made the WSM wait until her anniversary… well, not really.

40 Years of Bliss!

You, see, I sent the package two weeks early with a note on the box “do not open until your anniversary” knowing full well that my beloved WSM would open it immediately… delayed satisfaction is not a family trait!  So she opened it and celebrated her much deserved 40 year wedding anniversary early… a pence for being married to my father for all these years!  Just kidding Dad-I love you!!! :-)  Happy Anniversary-may your love be everlasting! Cheers to the next 40 years!

Love, the Wicked Step Daughter (aka Linda at QUTI.org)

PS I can already feel the new quilt request coming my way!!! xoxoxo

Azuma-Bukuro-WHAT??? Translate=An Amazing Gift Bag!

Still working on my Christmas collection… who I am fooling?  I am just getting started!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fun and quick bag!

I wrapped up those napkins I made previously and it made such a lovely birthday gift for one of my best girlfriends!

Check out this blog for a great tutorial and other great items.  Coco-Stitch also sells these on Etsy!  Check them out! http://www.etsy.com/shop/cocostitch?ref=em


Cheers!  Linda at QUTI.org

Hold your horses!

Getting ready to baste!

My mom (Grammy) has also been inspired to get into the QUTI fun.  She decided to make a very special gift for her sister who has been a life long horse lover.  So we went on a fun field trip to the fabric store unsure if we’d find enough fabrics that would work together (the pattern we selected called for 1 yard of 8 different fabrics).  Our heads were soon spinning with too many choices!  I had my first expereince of realizing how one can get “lost” in a fabric store for hours. We found beautiful fabrics and even one that had horses galloping on it. Being the very linear thinking ladies that we are, we really pushed ourselves to think outside of the box a bit and mix up our choices.  The combination of our fabrics looks fantastic!

We certainly learned a lot of valuable lessons while tackling what turned out to be a big quilt.  As we’ve heard experienced quilters say, there’s always a mistake in each quilt but that’s what makes it so special.  Well, let me tell you, if that’s the case, this is a really special quilt!  In all seriousness, the quilt turned out great.

Learning how to join two pieces of batting.

Linda was a great coach every step of the way.  She taught us how to combine two pieces of batting, how to add fun embellishments, and ways to organize our project once we’d finished cutting.  One evening, while quilting together at Grammy’s house and enjoying a little white wine, we found ourselves in a mini dispute over the definition of columns vs. rows, but it resulted in us cracking up and asking, “Are we talking about the same thing?”

We’ve got a few last touches to add, but we can see the finish line and we aren’t even going to wait until Christmas to mail it.  We’ll be sending it to my aunt in a few short weeks, and I have a feeling that she will treasure it.

Cheers, Kelly

My favorite model trying out the quilt!

Great horse fabric!


Feeling Raggy? Baby Go Makes Being Raggy, well… Fun!

A follow up to a previous process post… Here is the finished product.  Ella and I used our Baby Go! to cut our raggy fabric with yummy colors and milky white backing…

We had fun and make a great mess cutting our fabrics… Then we pieced 20 blocks into a pattern to make a cherished gift.  It is smaller than expected but now we know to use more blocks for a bigger piece.  It will be a great cuddle piece for just the right baby!

Cheers!  Linda at QUTI.org

Vintage Smocking-A Test of Patience!

Obsessed with the book, Sewn by Hand by Susan Wasinger, I started to make items for my Christmas gift collection.  This one will be a “vintagish” potholder.  Wait, vintage smocking does not equal quick but it does equal fancy and beautiful…!



Wish me luck! I wonder which family member will be reading my blog and requesting this one… My guess is my wicked step mother or Wendy Jean!  Let’s see!

Cheers!  Linda at QUTI.org

A great present…QUTI of Poopsie memories


My dad (aka Poopsie) was witty, silly, loyal, hard working and a dedicated family man. He battled colon cancer valiantly but unfortunately he passed away in October 2003. We shared many of his treasures and clothes with family and still get a chuckle now when we see a relative wearing one of his shirts around.

As my younger brother’s 21st birthday was approaching last month I thought about what I could possibly give him, aside from the traditional celebratory 21 year old beverage of course. That’s when the inspiration hit me. We had saved some of my dad’s clothes and stored them in a closet. My mom and I got out the bag and had a great walk down memory lane as we pulled out each piece. There were the various Tshirts he’d gathered over the years from his favorite spots on Maui where he spent most of his summers growing up. There were the aloha shirts that had been his work uniform for many years as a car sales finance manager. It was the two pairs of pants we found at the bottom of the bag that were the most priceless.

My dad was always a jokester and he saw an ad in a magazine years ago for seersucker pants which he thought he could single handedly bring back into fashion. So partly as a joke and partly out of a serious love of seersucker material, he placed the order and they became quite a conversation piece.

We had a beautiful collection of dad’s clothes and although there was a brief moment of pause and reflection before I made the first cut, we felt such great energy and joy as we repurposed dad’s clothes to make my brother a memory quilt!

Black material provided the perfect masculine border and due to my procrastination, I ended up putting in a marathon 10 hour sewing day to get it done in time.  I finished it off by adding a personal message with my fabric markers and my brother was genuinely touched by what turned out to be the perfect gift.

And we actually ended up with extra squares of dad’s clothes, so now we’re planning to make other fun gifts for Christmas.

Cheers, Kelly