Squawk, Squawk! Angry Birds Have Invaded Our Home!

My dear sweet boy… I was working at our dining room table as I do more often than not, and Zack says  “Mama, can I sew?  What?  I say… “I want to make an Angry Bird.”  A what?  I say… Oh the uber popular Apple iPad App… of course!

We recently watched the family movie “Rio” so I guess he was feeling “birdy, birdish, or a little birdizzy…” Squawk, squawk!

We went into my “sewing cave,” I will call it that for now since it needs to be hidden until it gets properly organized and it has many twists and turns and surprises!

He wanted black, white and insisted on yellow.  I, of course, found it all in the cave!  I worked away on my computer thinking he was back on his computer.  OMG!  He cut two pieces of fabric in circles, cut out the eyes and started hand stitching! OMG!  I guess he WAS listening and watching during his “super secret” stitching sessions at home (not at school since other boys would know… hello!… he is a growing 7 year old with these new mature concerns! where did my baby go?)  Ok, back to the story…

He exceeded my expectations by cutting out the white fabric in the shape of eyebrows and colored them in with a Sharpie (ohhhh, a man after my own heart-a Sharpie!)… Yes, I AM a Sharpie Geek!  Linda-Focus!  Ok, fine… All of this without guidance.. a true artistic creation!

He finished it with Eva Bernina and I ragged his edges for a ruffled, angry bird look!

He was soooo proud and I have to admit, I was beaming with pride from ear to ear…

Cheers!  Linda from QUTI