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Back by popular demand!  Add our button to your blog or website and we will send you a fabulous and exclusive gift to add to your sewing, crafting and quilting collection!   Just comment to this post with a link to your live site with our button, we will contact you for your snail mail address and wait for the happiness to arrive!

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For the Quilter!

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These are a few of my favorite things…

My love for tools continues-Gingher!

Topping my list is Gingher!  I love these scissors… I think one of my lovely offspring used it without permission (they know better!) and my large pair needed an adjustment.  I sent them in to Gingher for a checkup and they came back fast and as good as new!  Love their lifetime guarantee and customer service!

Revive from Melaleuca - a heavenly scent!!!

I absolutely can’t quilt without my Melaleuca Revive Spray… LOVE IT!  and they better not change the scent because it is now ingrained in my olfactory senses as a relaxation and peace trigger!  Get this one immediately-if you don’t have a Melaleuca representative let me know and I will place an order for you. :-)

This makes pressing and ironing a pleasure… promise!

What are your favorite tools and tips?  QUTI wants to know!!!

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