Eva-Meet Your Brother, Bobbie and Your Grandmother Singa…

EVA! This is Eva Bernina Ezuka...

Eva, first meet your new baby brother Bobbie.  I know this is a surprise to you but in this case, gestation was short. In fact, it was a surprise to me too! I know you may be jealous from time to time but know that I have enough love for the both of you.  Eva, you are sweet, fancy and swirly and your brother, well… I am learning… is rugged and utilitarian.  Both equally important, for very different reasons.

This is my new bouncing baby boy! Bobbie Bernina Ezuka!

Bobbie is my new Serger, my new bouncing baby boy, brought home recently, well, secretly concealed in really… how do I really justify yet another machine?!?  Sergers used to be so foreign to me as they seems so superfluous.  Why would you really need yet another machine? – HA!  I am now a “true believer!”  I love whipping up rolled hem napkins galore!


Singa! and my first quilt!

Next, Eva and Bobbie, you may not quite know this but you have a grandmother that you have yet to meet.  Her name is Singa, my workhorse, my first, my forever, and one I will never part with.  I had her before I knew what a feed dog was and hers don’t drop, but I love her anyway.  I had her before I knew about variegated threads and warm and natural batting, and I never longed for more. I had her before I knew that she couldn’t stipple or stitch in the ditch and I loved her just the same. I had her before I knew I could quilt and that I could actually love it.  Singa and I had many firsts together… my first pillow, my first pillowcase, my first hem, my first elastic waist skirt, my first quilt… so many memories…

So, we are now one big happy family.  I am done now, perhaps I just need to focus now on family planning!  All is good… happy stitching everyone!

Cheers!  Linda at www.QUTI.org

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