The sewing cave transforms! DIY organization at its best!

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I LLLOOOOOVVVVVEEE fabric and I have now joined a 12 step program of fellow fabricholics!  I tell my friends that “friends don’t let friends” go the fabric store alone..

I hit bottom when family confirmed their plans to stay with us in October for my son’s birthday… they mentioned that they also want to actually sleep in a bed… details, details, I thought.  After really thinking it through, I realized I needed to transform my sewing cave into a habitable space-ugh.  The only thing that could actually survive in that room “as is,” would be fabric and notions, since they seemed to be fine “arm in arm” in disorganization.

Then one day, Ella mentioned that she now wants a big girl bed since Zack got a big boy bed in the prior months (see prior saga… really?  Like I need another room to organization like a need a hole in the head, I thought…  A light bulb went on (yes, it is a rare and beautiful thing…) and voila, company bed solution solved!  I sourced an amazing girly set complete on Craigslist with a bed, mattress, desk and a chest of drawers… a truly lovely set.  Then I broke down Ella’s princess castle and used the core bed as a daybed for the sewing cave!

Back to the DIY organization!  I searched YouTube for tips and learned a lot about “containing the beastly notions and threads.”  Then a trip to Costco for shelves.  And again, voila!  A beautiful new room to meander through and guess what… there is even room for more fabric!  I rock!  Woohoo!



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