Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa gifts a new Sewing Machine into the growing family…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house… Ok, it wasn’t really that dramatic, but I was like a kid waiting for the last postmaster delivery before Christmas and look…the universe delivers!

Santa aka Aunty Linda sent me a beauty! ***Squeal***  Isn’t she cute and spunky?




What shall I name her? A prize is in order if I pick your story/name for her!




To help you understand my nervosa, “see related post” to meet the rest of my needle family… Woohoo!

Ok, here is the story… My Aunty Linda visited and I made her, her first quilt “see post”.  You see, she is quite a collector and more times than not, you can stop by her house to find treasures before you go and scour the universe for treasures!  Case in point, she happened to have this gem times two!!! So she parted this one inspired by QUTI and of course because she loves me!!!

I am in search of an original manual if anyway can find one for me to buy!!!  I believe it is a Singer SewHandy Model 40k.

So I feel loved and blessed this holiday season…thank you Aunty!

P.S.  This is your virtual thank you card! Ha! Just kidding!

P.S.S.  Don’t forget to share your Quilting Under The Influence of The Holidays Stories!


8 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa gifts a new Sewing Machine into the growing family…

  1. I love the old singers. My mom has a 1957 model that i am going to get. It never dies, never needs tuning, just works and works and keeps such a wonderful solid stitch. They are a blessing for sure. I’d name her Ole reliable or “Rely” for short. Because that is what they are. Congrats on a great gift. : )

  2. Someone, namely Billie K, took my thought for a new name for your machine, the names all submitted sound so terrific, Lindee or Lindy sounds great though. The Pink Lindy sounds good too but a tad long I would think. What have you ultimately named this cute little machine?

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