New Year’s resolution from a fellow fabricholic!

Help, I need a 12 step program!!! It is like I woke up one day and *poof* I practically have a fabric store in my sewing cave!  Where did it all come from?  I promise that I only went to the fabric store once, slightly under the influence, and came back with goodies that I didn’t really need… but that is another story.  The rest, well… is history now. Yes, I am girl that fellow QUTI girls come to when they need just a little bit of black, or a little bit of Wonder Under, or a little bit of this or that… yes, I usually deliver and don’t let my girlies down!

So here it goes, a public announcement to the world… wait for it…. wait for it….

I, Linda, vow not to buy any fabric in 2012.  There, I said it.  Whew… I feel so righteous!  Can I do it?  Eeek! I have more than I will ever need to complete at least a year’s worth of projects.  And to honor our family’s financial goals, it is the least I can do… and I might even have fun at it!  My husband better watch his back… you know, literally, as I might need to re-purpose his nice work shirts to stitch in desperate times and desperate measures…

Oh, to all of my online and local retailers, don’t worry, I will still support our nation’s economy with scads of notions, and stuff… you know, it takes more than fabric to make cherished memories!

What is your sewing resolution!  I will pick a winner on January 6th based on the most wild, silly and most QUTI comment out there.  Happy wild and righteous planning!

Cheers!  Linda at Quilting Under The Influence

P.S., aka Footnote, aka disclosure…  That doesn’t mean I can’t participate in a fabric exchange or accept fabric gifts… come on, I have to be reasonable with my resolutions, right?  :-)

11 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution from a fellow fabricholic!

  1. Oh girl, I totally NEED a 12 step program, but I don’t WANT one. LOL Seriously, I have also said I wasn’t going to buy anymore fabric (unless it’s for a back or sumpin) BUT I got three, count em THREE gift certificates to fabric shops for Christmas. Well, uhm, I guess I could buy a butt load of notions, but that would be a tad much, dontchathink? I have enough patterns to last until the world comes to an end. Sooo, I’m saying I can use the GC’s to buy whatever I want, but no money exchanging hands for fabric. Does that count? Yep, I think we could have fabric exchanges. That would be way cool beanareanies!! Okay, does this count as an entry? LOL

  2. OK, first, you DO have a fabric store, complete with a BOLT of warm and natural, but this is a good thing, says your fellow QUTI.

    I respect your goal for 2012, but I do believe, what happens at the fabric store stays at the fabric store. A few drinks and some light hearted fabric shopping is good for the soul. However, to support you, I will only allow you in the fabric store with $25 cash to spend! Deal?

    • …says the girl that accompanied me to the infamous shopping under the influence jaunt!
      …shhhh about the bolt, it is a secret silly!

  3. My fabric new years resolution is to find all my UGO’S and finish at least half of them. Gotta be realistic as I probably wont finish all of them. I have so many :)

  4. Hmmm, a quilting resolution. Well, it can’t be to not buy more fabric as I have moved to Missouri from
    Texas, but all of my fabric is still in boxes in Texas. Does that not mean I get to go buy more fabric
    because I don’t have a stash at home? So to go with the buying fabric, which I have already started
    doing. SSHHH, don’t tell hubby. He doesn’t know. I guess my resolution would be to start and
    finish the purple lap quilt I promised my sister, and maybe find the green fence rail quilt I started for
    my daughter (who knows what box that is in??!!!). OOOHH! And get my daughter to finally send me
    pictures of the cute little penguin pillow I made her for Christmas, and I forgot to take photos of before I
    boxed it up and shipped it. Nah, maybe all that is a bit too much. I think my resolution should be….
    Just quilt and have fun.

  5. Just like broken biscuits don’t have any calories, buying fabric on sale actually doesn’t cost any money…really, it’s true! So that’s my resolution – only buy marked down fabric in 2012 cause technically it’s free

  6. If I make a resolution, do I have to mean it? I suppose that would be defeating the purpose, huh? So , okay, here goes, I am going to finish the 18, yes 18 projects on my list for 2012. I know there are 18 because I made a list yesterday. Yes, it’s true, I am also a list maker. Now to do this, I might need to buy just a little bit of fabric, you know, just to make the ones I am using pop just a bit. Or maybe for the backing of a couple. Does it count if my sister buys the fabric for the backing of the quilt she also bought the fabric for the front? She doesn’t quilt, but she enables me…oh, and one last thing, there is this anniversary sale at my LQS today…35% off all cuts of half yard or greater. I never miss this, but I promise, this will be my last visit…for now.

  7. I so understand your resolution and I actually had plans to emulate your plan, I really did, but I am afraid I would only break my resolution within a day or two, because I absolutely need white and red fabric. You see, I received the best Christmas present in the world, an Accuquilt Go fabric cutter, (the big one!) and I started making a red and white quilt on Christmas Eve when I opened it, without realizing that I really don’t have a lot of red and white fabric anymore! Duh! So, I kind of have to buy more fabric. So, my resolution now is to finish all of the quilts in my UFO stash, and to do a better job of keeping up with my 30′s Jane BOM.

  8. wow that was a HUGE leap. I’m taking it just a little slower. I am trying to not add to my stash this year. That means I can only purchase as much as I use so that the net gain to stash is 0. I’m really nervous about it, well I was until I saw you resolution. I saw yours thought shoot, I have it easy :) Happy New Year.

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