QUTIs hopping under the influence this holiday season! Prizes! Join us!

Let’s hop til we drop!  Free prizes await you and your fellow “sewists!”

What’s in it for you?  Free to a randomly selected winner is a QUTI bag, cool cap and a surprise fat quarter bundle of fun!  Woohoo!

Check out the shopping page to see the loot! http://quti.org/shopping/

The fun starts now and ends on December 17th!

Here’s the gig:

1.Register on QUTI’s site by submitting your email address into the subscribed field to the right (following the Feedburner instructions and confirm your subscription via email).  Or sign up through Google Friends Connect (I am so lonely there!).  If you are already registered, thank you for following us-I will check your email from my master list! (Required for drawing) :-)

2. Either post a QUTI button on your blog or link back to QUTI in a blog post.  (This would be lovely but not required to enter!)

3.  Post a comment on QUTI indicating how you QUTI! Share a fun fact or share your favorite vice that goes with your quilting/sewing traditions. (Required for drawing) :-)

4.  Check out our fellow fab blogs tomorrow when all 250 blogs with prizes are revealed! Woohoo! http://quiltinggallery.com/quilters-fun/quilters-blog-hop-party/

Cheers!  Happy blogging and hopping!  Linda at QUTI


47 thoughts on “QUTIs hopping under the influence this holiday season! Prizes! Join us!

  1. Wooo,hooot the loot! I am all ready one of your loyal followers and I have had your button on my blog for a while now! If you get a chance grab mine as I have finally made one! Thanks for the fun for all of your followers.. Happy holidays, Kim

  2. Hi there, I can’t believe I have never seen your site before. I practically ONLY quilt under the influence LOL. I always have a little somethin’ in my glass and it makes me think of wildly silly things to make! So that’s my vice – drinkin’ & quilting and hiding from my kids!

  3. I am usually under the influence of sweet tea. Here in the south that’s a very important beverage. Anything stronger and my quilting gets a little crazier than I might want. But I do celebrate a successful quilt with a more potent beverage. I am following you.

  4. What a nice blog you have here, never seen it before, love your give away!! Thanks for the opportunity. I am participant as well so you might visit my blog too if you like! Kind greetings from the Netherlands.

  5. I usually QUTI with coffee and chocolate. Friday night sew-ins when my husband is out of town and my son are sleeping I am in my element. Thanks for the chance to win your awesome giveaway. I just signed up to receive your feedburner!

  6. I quti with hot tea (mostly room temperatur tea). Then I have an ice cream/popsicle break. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Usually have a stash of candies nearby. Most times I can go with that on my sewing table. Am too afraid to take too much drink with me just in case I spill it over clothes i am altering (wedding dresses among them)

  8. I quilt under the influence of yummy baked goods. I take treat breaks throughout my sewing time after my two little ones are in bed at night. It is the only time I have to quilt and I need the sugar kick to stay up late. :)

  9. Your blog is just a “hoot”. I like to drink a big rich cup of hot chocolate when I am in my sewing room downstairs. We live in Utah and it get’s cold down there.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I’m a new follower with a button on my blog. A vice that is quiilty related. In the elevator at work, I look at the shirts that men wear and think about how nice they would or wouldn’t look in a quilt. If they have nice quiilty shirts I might talk to them, if not well you know :)

  11. I am a new GFC follower! :-) I QUTI ALL the time— my vice is having my tv playing in the background — doesn’t really matter *what* is on, I just like the noise– it keeps me company! :-) Another thing that I have become addicted to recently is my Dad’s fresh home-grown satsumas— I LOVE them!!! Thanks of the fun giveaway! :-)

  12. I signed up for the email and GFC, so I’ll probably cancel the newsletter and just keep the GFC since that needs some attention from us out here!

  13. I QUTI either with mini-flavored tootsie rolls, jordan almonds or sometimes in the evening with a glass of wine. All lovely tasting vices! Sometimes I do run a movie as it’s nice to just watch what I want to. Love your blog, and I’m to be a subscriber in Google Reader!

  14. Please don’t be lonely on Google Friends!! I am a new quilter and I am totally UTI, I started quilting this year and I have finished 3 quilts, including the FMQ and I have 2 more on the go!!

  15. I love to quilt/sew with tea and cookies or chocolate. The hardest part is trying not to get stains on my projects! Thanks for the giveaway!
    kessilari (at) gmail (dot)com

  16. Hi, Happy Holiday to you and yours, the only thing in my glass is very sweet tea witch can make me high and a box of chocolate. Thanks for the chance to win

  17. ha ha, your blog is ‘presents’ enough! the give away is the icing on the cake! enjoying your blog, esp the puppy quilt(your brother will forgive you when he gets his quilt). thanks for the giveaway, Lori

  18. this is a different way to submit a comment, I hope I have not sent it twice. Thanks for the giveaway, enjouy your blog – thd doggie quilt is funny (your brother will forgive you when he sees how nice his quilt is!)

  19. third try a charm?! so my quti is sugar! my kids and husband are not aware that I often have sweet treats tucked in a drawer that I nibble on while I sew! but my dog knows, and in every night after a day I’ve been sewing she dumps my sewing garbage over to check for any leftover bits!

  20. I eat M&M’s while I quilt…. so many that I feel a little sick from too much sugar. I used to have a cocktail or
    two before I started taking heart meds. No more Margaritas except while I made my Christmas Fudge with
    Bailey’s I had a swig or two.

    I will follow you on google if that is possible. Otherwise, I will save you as one of my Favorites.
    Thanks for joining the giveaways.

  21. I am a subscriber. I like to quilt with music playing in the background. The music I choose depends upon the quilt project I am working on. Sometimes, it is quiet and soothing as I work with subtle colors; other times it is loud and full of rhythm as I work on bright cheery projects.

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