Dear Blog… I apologize for neglecting you… but at least I finished my lovely cathedral quilt!

Yes, it has been just over a month since my last post… how did this happen?  Is it my New Year’s resolution to not buy fabric or is it my overwhelm of a wonderful life?  I am not sure, but I miss my quilty community none the less…

So, I finished my quilt for our Holy Nativity School auction on March 2nd… ta da!

The artwork is from our treasured Kindergarten classmates of Ella and I embellished the quilt with pieces of HNS uniforms.  It will be a treasured piece for years to come… I will post pictures and results from the Holy Nativity School Paina fundraiser next week.

The pattern is from a lovely tutorial on cathedral blocksThe House of A La Mode blog demonstrates a modern pillow project and I just expanded the number of rows and columns and gave it a whirl!  Wow, this was a test of my patience but I love the outcome!

In the meantime and all the while I have been salivating over the newly released fabrics and have remained steadfast in my commitment to reduce my stash… it hasn’t been easy, but I will prevail!

Happy stitching and cheers!  Linda at


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