Short Answer: Just a random modern day mom quilting under the influence (cocktails, chocolate, children) as I run thru the journey of life…

Long Answer:

Linda Under The Influence of Ella

Linda is an energetic girl (a little ADHD, I am sure) trying to stay focused on her core values of family, friends and fun. Like so many modern women, she manages a career, spends quality time with her husband and two children, and makes sure to find time for all things creative and exciting! She is a marathon runner, a red wine and dark chocolate connoisseur, a techie, and has found quilting to be her bliss and creative outlet.  She has a hard time controlling her enthusiasm for many things.  She has recently added “fabricholic” to her list of transgressions…

Where does she find the time, many ask?  At 4:00 am in the morning when the house is her own and all is peaceful in the world!  Cheers!

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