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I know, I know… like I needed another thread of fabric… let alone more flower pins!!!

I just couldn’t resist!  Lame, I know… I was shopping with the family this past weekend for random house stuff (well, if I label it stuff, do you really think one needs it?)… Linda, focus, oh yes… back to the story.  There was a fabric and notions section in a nameless large box retailer – wooo hooo! I sooooo got in trouble – a new sewing box (well it was bigger and more “alive”), flower pins (yes, in new luscious colors I didn’t have, come on-a must have, right?) fat quarters (really Linda?), fat quarters for the 5 year old (ugh!-the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree, right?), and other “stuff” in the cart, 30 minutes later.  Thank god my son and husband came or it could have been worse as I didn’t have the chance to touch all of the fabric bolts!!!

So, here are some of the fat quarters with my luscious flowers pins~!  So if quilting is my therapy, perhaps I need a new treatment regime?  :-)

I am thinking that I will make a rag quilt with these fat quarters, I have the flannel and the new die for my Baby Go!  Fun!

Now, of course, I don’t even have a baby to make this quilt for but it will be fun making it!

If you make it, it will come… eeek! What am I saying?  I have all the wonderful children I can handle!!! Ha!


Cheers, Linda of QUTI,  Shopping Under The Influence of the Five Year Old

For the love of fat quarters

Everywhere I turn, they seem to be calling my name. Tied together with a sweet little ribbon or yelling out to me with a big ‘Sale’ sign hanging over them, fat quarters and I have quite a relationship going on. My collection is growing by the week and it’s all Linda’s fault.

Linda assured me that I could learn to quilt and I faithfully believed her. She invited me over to her house for our first quilting lesson, enticing me with the promise of an air conditioned house, a cocktail, and some laughs.

After walking me through the basics, which included me asking a number of times, “Wait, what’s a feed dog again?”, Linda opened up her prized collection of fat quarters and told me to dive in. I chose a few that caught me eye and then away we went, creating my first quilt completely out of fat quarters in a whirlwind few hours.

It was the perfect first quilting project. Fat quarters have endless possibilities, and are a relatively inexpensive way to collect fun fabrics to have on hand for an impromptu project. Now that I’ve got this collection, I’m excited to discover new ways to create with them.

What’s your favorite fat quarter project?

Cheers, Kelly

Here’s my favorite orange haired boy snuggling under our first quilt.