A tribute to Kelly’s Aunty Jan…

One of our greatest influences is Aunty Jan.  Her motto was “Live, Love, and Party!” which she embraced enthusiastically.  She encouraged each of us to follow our dreams and never settle.  With her “coaching” from afar, she even helped Linda and I to complete the Honolulu Marathon in 2009.

Jan’s generosity knew no bounds.  She volunteered for Hospice, participated in numerous charity races, and used her talent for crocheting and quilting to make scarves and blankets for the sick.

During the last year of her life, as she battled ovarian cancer, Aunty Jan continued to quilt, determined to make a lasting memory for each of our families. Every time I sit down to quilt I remember Aunty Jan and her strength.  I imagine her saying, “What are you waiting for?  Just quilt!”

Here’s to you, Aunty Jan.  Cheers!


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