Go Baby Go! My New Tool and Love… Pink and Green! Woohooo! So QUTI!

Ella says “Wow, mama, what a fancy pink bag-can I have it?”  Heeeellllloooo!  No, silly this is for our Baby Go!  Our what?  Not every bag that comes through these doors is shared with a 5 year old girl ya know! Why not? she says…Nevermind…go play with your Barbies sweet girl!

So here it is, organized so beautifully in the perfectly matched (great marketing Accuquilt!) bag for the self proclaimed, bag hag!

I love the roomy pockets, the multiple sections and I feel soooo organized and sassy!

I fun and purposeful tool!  Stay tuned for more posts and projects using my wonderful BabyGO!

Cheers! Linda at QUTI.org

Checkout the Go!Baby from Accuquilt:




Ok, ok, guys, I now get it… Duct Tape Rocks!

Well, so does Simply Sublime Bags, 30 No-Sew, Low-Sew Projects by Jodi Kahn!  I have never met her or have an affiliation, so take this review to heart-go out and buy this book!

In 34 minutes, yes ladies, 34 minutes, the bag hag (me) was back in business!  It could have been more efficient except my little angel, Ella (thus, the “under the influence of children theme), wanted to “help.”

Going over to Kelly’s house with the new bag… tata for now… Cheers!