Eva Bernina gets a new dress…

A new dress for Eva!

On a whim-I know-shocking!-I made Eva a “dress” fitting for the royalty that she is… White waffle weave fabric keeps her warm inside and a pretty pattern shows off her shape… You all know I LOVE rickrack so of course she got some of that!

Voila! Cute red polka dot ribbon keeps her dress on and discrete!

Cheers!  Linda at www.QUTI.org





Pillow Fight…QUTI of my first stipple!

It was time to expand my horizons! Linda entrusted me with the use of the beautiful Eva Bernina.  I wanted to use the last of the special pieces of my dad’s old clothes to make a few early Christmas present pillows.  To complete the pillow top, I wanted to do my first stipple.  For a girl who is often too uptight and worried about doing things the “right way”, this was a great experience. To stipple, you really have to loosen up and let it flow. Linda helped me to use her stipple stencil to chalk out my path, we did a little stipple practice on some scraps and then I was on my way.

So much fun! To be honest, I ended up not following my stenciled path which is obvious to anyone who looks too closely at the pillow but I found my groove after a bit and I love the way it looks.  In the middle of my stipple, I did hit a bit of a snag…ok, a big snag, when I broke the needle on Eva Bernina.  Yikes!  Linda, being the wise, patient teacher that she is, didn’t blink an eye, she changed out the needle in no time flat, and I finished!

I so enjoy quilting because it makes me push myself to learn new techniques every day.  What a great model for our children in the pusuit of being life long learners.  I’m off to create some Christmas gifts now…




Got BooBoos? A Cute 5 Year-Old Creates a Hello Kitty BooBoo Buddy!

My daughter loves her booboos!  She makes them up just so she can be dramatic and get a icepack or a bandaid (they are so fashionable now-a-days ya know).  And yes, I have been known to sport a Hello Kitty or Dora bandaid when I really needed one and these were the only things within reach!  Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

Reading my, yet another new, sewing/quilting book, (yes I am a bag and a book hag!)… with Ella by my side, she picked up my post-it notes (yes, post-its are up there with my Sharpie obsession!), and tabbed her booboo project in this great book-Sewn By Hand.

Being the hyper and all so patient mama, I decided it would be best to do this not by hand but by machine!  So smart…

So off we go and thirty minutes later-voila! Booboo buddies R Us! I highly recommend this fun and quick project with your little ones!  Cheers! Linda at QUTI.org

Squawk, Squawk! Angry Birds Have Invaded Our Home!

My dear sweet boy… I was working at our dining room table as I do more often than not, and Zack says  “Mama, can I sew?  What?  I say… “I want to make an Angry Bird.”  A what?  I say… Oh the uber popular Apple iPad App… of course!

We recently watched the family movie “Rio” so I guess he was feeling “birdy, birdish, or a little birdizzy…” Squawk, squawk!

We went into my “sewing cave,” I will call it that for now since it needs to be hidden until it gets properly organized and it has many twists and turns and surprises!

He wanted black, white and insisted on yellow.  I, of course, found it all in the cave!  I worked away on my computer thinking he was back on his computer.  OMG!  He cut two pieces of fabric in circles, cut out the eyes and started hand stitching! OMG!  I guess he WAS listening and watching during his “super secret” stitching sessions at home (not at school since other boys would know… hello!… he is a growing 7 year old with these new mature concerns! where did my baby go?)  Ok, back to the story…

He exceeded my expectations by cutting out the white fabric in the shape of eyebrows and colored them in with a Sharpie (ohhhh, a man after my own heart-a Sharpie!)… Yes, I AM a Sharpie Geek!  Linda-Focus!  Ok, fine… All of this without guidance.. a true artistic creation!

He finished it with Eva Bernina and I ragged his edges for a ruffled, angry bird look!

He was soooo proud and I have to admit, I was beaming with pride from ear to ear…

Cheers!  Linda from QUTI

Geeezzzzz… everything seems to have another QUTI purpose!

Ok, I was at Safeway, yes, the grocery store, the one I frequent for the staples of life… milk, eggs, fruit, oh wait…. the impulse isle-a fabric throw made of recycled material! $6.99 what a deal? and for a 60×60 piece of fabric-come on quilters, don’t you agree?  Being impulsive and a little ADHD, yes… I bought it!

Feeling righteous for buying an eco-friendly product, and oh so thrifty (it is so not me, but I am trying), I thought I could embellish it with my new Baby Go! Did I say I was impulsive and a little ADHD?  A friend gave me a beautiful Amazon Gift Certificate and I got my frivolous and all important new quilting tool.  Okay, I am sorry, Baby Go, you are not frivolous, you are a tool.  I stand corrected… yes, by myself.

Okay, I digress, or progress, who knows… I pulled out the Baby Go for the first time- WOOO HOOOO!  Geez… a little cute girl thought it was fascinating as well… Ahhh, another “teachable moment” – that is my new code phrase.

Focus Linda.  Okay, but isn’t she cute?  I so love her… Yes, Ella primarily and yes, also the Go Baby…

Onto the project, right?  I pulled out the eco-find and decided to Eva Bernina the flowers (it seemed to so tropical and fun) to embellish with these great pops of color.  Oh, and of course, the colors are so our QUTI colors-yes, I have QUTI on the brain!!!

The sick part of this story is I woke up in the middle of the night and had to sew the binding.  Yes, you “heard” that right.  After sleeping for four hours, I woke up at 1 and sewed until 3:30am… I must seek professional help I am sure!!!!  I even talked to myself and said “Linda, this is lame… why are sewing in the middle of the night? and why can’t you stop?”  I said, back to myself, “Well, I just need to finish the binding so I can feel like I accomplished something.”  “Oh,” I said, “That’s lame.”  I said, “Yes, it is but it is soooo me!”

Well, there it is… just four flowers and my beautiful binding!

Cheers!  Linda, Blogging Under The Influence

Dear Brian-I am having an affair…

Her name is Eva, I met her online and one day she arrived on my doorstep.  I love you but I am totally obsessed with her.  I think of her all of the time and can’t wait to spend time with her whenever I can find the time… early mornings, evenings and weekends and more!  I owe it to you as my husband to disclose her full name, it’s Eva Bernina.

You see, I am obsessed with my new Bernina Aurora 440 Quilters Edition (QE) sewing machine!  I dreamed of her for a long time before I put a pretty penny down to bring her home.  I named her that same night-it was love at first sight!

I hope you will find a way to forgive me.